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Helpful Hints

How do I reserve space?

If you are a registered student organization or a campus department hosting an event not charging a fee to attend, please fill out a Reservation Request form, either online or in the Reservations Office, Student Union 251. 

If you are an off-campus group or individual, someone not affiliated with the University, or a campus department that is charging to attend an event, please visit our Conferences page.

When can I reserve a space?

Please check our Scheduling Period page.  There are different scheduling periods for events and for recurring meetings. Some spaces may have additional scheduling guidelines and timelines. We will notify you of those when you submit your request, if applicable.

What is the difference between a recurring meeting and a special event?

A recurring meeting is any regularly scheduled meeting throughout the academic term or year, i.e every Thursday at 6:00pm or one Monday a month for the semester.  These meetings typically take place during normal building hours, do not require staffing, and have minimal AV needs.

A special event is an event that falls outside of your recurring meeting pattern, and can be anything from socials and dinners to a special one-time meeting that may be larger than your normal meetings.  They can be any length of time, require special room setups, include multiple rooms (for breakouts, dressing rooms, etc), and may require staffing or incur charges.

Is my event confirmed?

Your event is not confirmed until you have received an email from the CRES office with a reservation confirmation PDF attached.  This document explains the information on your confirmation.

What are Advance Reservations?

Advance Reservations allows student organizations and campus departments to reserve space for special events for the coming academic year.  Please check the Scheduling Period page for the exact dates, though the process typically happens in April.  Student organizations are required to attend a workshop before they are able to make Advance Reservation requests.   

Can I request academic spaces?

We can accept reservations for academic spaces during the appropriate scheduling periods.  However, it may be possible that the Registrar’s Office needs to move classes around until the census date each semester.  Should this happen, the CRES office will work to find a similar space for you.

Can I check if a space is available?

25Live, the University’s central space scheduling system, has a calendar that lets you view the availability of spaces on campus.  You can search “Locations” to check buildings and specific rooms.  You can check this guide for more details.  Please note that this should just be used as a guide and not a confirmation of availability.  The CRES offices accounts for setup and teardown time, time between events, and events happening around campus that may make a space unavailable at the time you want it. 

Where can I pick up tables and chairs for my tabling or outdoor event?

If you requested tables and chairs prior to your event, tables and chairs can be picked up from Cone 313.  You are responsible for the setup, tear down, and transportation of the table and chairs.  If you have a Union Lobby table reserved, please check in at the Information Desk and they will set up the table and chairs for you.

Why haven’t I received a response?

The CRES office asks for 2-3 business days to process all requests, though the beginning of each semester response time may be delayed.  We are open and process requests 8am-5pm Monday-Friday when the University is open.  All requests, whether they are completed online or in person, are processed in the order we received them.

I am not in a student organization or with a campus department.  Can I still reserve space on campus?

Yes.  Please visit the Conferences website for more information and the Event Request form.

How do I request a recreational field or court?

Submit an Event Request. Please allow for 10 business days to process your request. Recreational space usage requires additional approval and may require an in person meeting with the University Recreation Staff.

Reservation Confirmation Explanation