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Helpful Hints- Conference Services

How do I reserve space?

If you are an off-campus group or individual, someone not affiliated with the University, or a campus department that is charging to attend an event, please fill out the Online Event Request Form

If you are a registered student organization or a campus department hosting an event and not charging a fee to attend please visit the Reservations website for more information and the Reservation Request form.

How far in advance can I reserve space? 

During the academic school year, non-affiliated groups can reserve space no more than 60 days prior to the event date. Space in the Student Union is booked no more than 30 days in advance for non-affiliated groups. Summer event requests are accepted the fall prior, but are not able to be confirmed until the University confirms the master calendar.

All event requests must be received more than 15 days in advance to ensure proper time to confirm, plan and execute the event. 

What are the requirements for reserving space on campus? 

For off-campus groups and individuals, all events contracted through CRES require a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy with the University listed as additionally insured. We charge an administrative fee of up to 25% of the total cost of the event (including the rental rate, any charges for catering equipment, personnel, etc.) to all off-campus groups and individuals. If we have space available on the dates you choose, we would prepare a contract for the rental and we would need that contract signed and returned at least 10 business days prior to the event. 

Do you offer housing accommodations for guests?

Housing accommodations are available in campus residence halls (based on availability). This option is only available during the summer months (June 1-July 31). More information on housing options can be found here.

I want to have food at my event, what are my options?

All food served on campus must be prepared by the University Catering Department - Chartwells. CRES will guide the client through the entire process from initial menu discussion to final presentation. For catered events, the client will be billed for the guaranteed number which is due three business days prior to the event, or the actual number, whichever is greater.

Download Chartwells catering menu here

I don’t have a specific room in mind for my event, what are my options? 

We will gather all of your event details including the nature of the event, what you plan to do during the event, estimated guest count, etc. and we will use this information to suggest an appropriate space based on availability. 

Why haven’t I received a response?

The CRES office asks for 2-3 business days to process all requests, though the beginning of each semester response time may be delayed.  We are open and process requests 8am-5pm Monday-Friday when the University is open.  All requests, whether they are completed online or in person, are processed in the order we received them.

Is there away for me to check available spaces?

25Live is the space reservation system used by the University, and anyone is able to access the Calendar. However, when looking at space, keep in mind the 25Live is to be used as a guide. While space may look available, other considerations such as time in between events must be taken into account. A Conference Manager can help you determine actual availability upon request.

What is the event cancellation policy?

If the University has to cancel an event for any reason (i.e. inclement weather), the client will not be charged. However, if the client cancels an event, the group will be charged for any services already rendered (i.e. signage, catering preparations, etc.)

What does “one stop shop” mean?

One stop shop means that Conferences will be your only point of contact for University related  communications during the entire event planning process. We will reserve your space(s), coordinate room setups, catering, A/V needs, and more on your behalf. There will be no need to contact the venue, catering, or other vendors yourself.

My event was wonderful! How do I submit a review?

We value your feedback. CRES is always striving to make our events better. To do so, we constantly ask our clients for their opinions  in terms of how we did, and how we could improve. To provide feedback, simply fill our Conference Evaluation Form.